Pacsense Corp is established in 2008 with years of experiences which have been shaping its unique expertise in food packaging industry as a custom packaging specialist.  We are always striving to expand packaging capabilities to the next level ever since. 


The Global Packaging specialist who provides integrated quality products and services of packaging.


To be the global leader of packaging in new generation. We understand and commit that:

  • We influence people and society in a positive way through business;
  • We pro-think and pro-act over market and customers;
  • We set trend, standards, and directions in the industry through excellent products, services and system.




Creativity, Excellence, Teamwork and partnership, Enthusiasm and Work Ethics, Integrity and Loyalty, Curiosity and Self-Improvement



We, PacSense Corp, are dedicated to consistently exceed our customers' expectations and innovative and creative products and service while committed to specific quality and environmental principles and practices:

  • We inspire relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity.
  • We establish objectives and maintain standards to fulfill applicable regulatory and other compliance obligations.
  • We promote material re-purposing and/or recycling where feasible.
  • We adhere to sustainable management of energy use and resource consumption.
  • We seek continual improvement in all we do.
  • We encourage application and understanding of our integrated management policy by our employees, suppliers, contractors, and other interested parties