Is there any way to make bulk packaging look much attractive yet functional to carry heavy contents and be cost-conscious?

Unlike other conventional woven bags or multi-wall paper bags printed with simple flexography on rough surface, 'LAMIWOVEN' puts bulk packaging to the next level.

Reverse printed with high quality rotogravure on the film, and then laminated with the polypropylene woven structure provides superior printing quality while protecting ink migration or contamination into the contents. Furthermore, enhanced super strong strength can hold 40lbs and even heavier weight. This hybrid new bag is especially ideal for bulk size dry foods such as rice, grains, sugar or powder as well as pet food or animal feed. Outstanding graphic, color, and carefully designed functional details and capability of customization will make your products pop out from the shelf.


1. Reverse printing on film laminated on polypropylene woven.

2. Up to 8-10 colors beautiful rotogravure printing enables to broaden printing capabilities.

3. Enhanced strength to hold heavy weight is most ideal for bulk products.

4. Manufactured in a food safe facility and comply to FDA regulation.

5. 3rd party lab slide angle tested, super anti-slip coated surface.

6. Customizable details such as back seam or tubular, EZ open top or sewn, matte or shiny surface coating, paper or film lamination, and woven weaving size are available for your needs.


– Ideal for bulk packaging, especially high quality and superior graphic requirement.

– Rice and Grains or other dry food products.

– Pet food, Animal feeds.

– Other bulk products for retail market.